Stain free and never stinks jeans

By | May 25, 2016

StainStain free and never stinks jeans, just less laundry meaning!

Denim jeans manufactured with a stain repellent technology and odorless silver technology, just denim jeans that will need to be washed just a few times or maybe never are the last trending.

These jeans are considered the most sustainable because they need less maintenance, made by the Odo Denim Company.

Odorless Silver Technology

Sweat is the main cause of smell in our clothes; however, the sweat itself has no smell but it’s the bacteria feeding on it that makes the odor. Their patent technology uses 99.9% pure silver polymer to kill the odor bacteria for the life of the denim, when the sweat is produced, silver releases and infinite supply of positively charged silver ions which penetrate the surface of negatively charged bacteria and disrupt the cell division.

Stain-Repellent Technology

The leaves of some plants are always clean, this is because dirt can’t adhere to their finely-structured surfaces and is easily washed off by rain. Odo Denim has transferred the same self-cleaning procedure to its odorless denim by using a nanotechnology called nanosphere.

The nanoparticles in the nanosphere finish form a fine structure on the denim surface. Water or any other substances like oil simply run off and any leftover can easily be rinsed off with a little water.

In an interview with Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, he expressed the necessity of more sustainable technologies like these. “We all know that denim jeans are one of the highest water consuming item of clothing, dry process looks require a lot of water, here comes the old story of not washing the jeans very often but some people think that having a pair of jeans for a year without a single wash is just disgusting. I’m so happy to see that there are more companies worried about our planet and sustainability is the present. These technologies are also based on the new information area. This is just fashion that helps our planet”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.