Smart Manufacturing

By | June 1, 2016

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Smaller manufacturers have the edge in building volumes of one in other words, customized orders. For many smaller manufacturers, the look is less assembly line and more set of work stations. This means that the operator in a smaller plant typically makes more decisions. It’s a more people-oriented process.

Orchestration of Work Processes in other Words, Maximize Consistency

But variability is a bad word in manufacturing! Every difference in process you have costs and increases risk.

And this is where Smart Manufacturing can help, through orchestration of work processes. The goal is to stamp out any unnecessary differences in process. Yes, if you’re doing short runs or one-offs, you’ll have more variations in process than on the typical assembly line. But the more you can minimize variability, the more you improve quality, decrease costs and expose yourself less to risk.

If your team follows an orchestrated business process, you ensure you don’t build every component just a bit differently. Smart Manufacturing allows small manufacturers to deliver a consistent outcome in a repeatable way, by removing unnecessary process differences.

Cloud and SaaS Models Make Smart Manufacturing More Affordable

Once you’ve hired your consultant to create the optimal workflow, you can stop there and enjoy the fruits of your investment.

Join the Global Ecosystem of Supply

This way that smaller manufacturers can benefit from Smart Manufacturing is a bit more pie-in-the-sky. Still, bear with me. We’re getting there, it’ll happen.

Imagine a supplier has just signed an order for the production of a thousand wojjits, delivered to 20 countries around the world. In the old days, the wojjits would probably be made in one factory and then shipped hither and yon. But among other barriers, the shipping cost could make this a sub-optimal choice.

Now that Smart Manufacturing ties smaller manufacturers into the global ecosystem of supply, with its own global digital language, that order can easily be broken up into smaller orders. A smaller manufacturer can accept a local order, and follow the orchestration of that order through the process, with its system tracking their compliance to the accompanying instructions.

The smart manufacturing work to decrease variability and remove bottlenecks. All of these bring costs down and drive quality up added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, presidente de Grupo Denim.


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