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Threads and their characteristics


Type of threads and their characteristics

If you want to start a sewing project, there are many different types of threads that you can use, to know the different ones, continue reading this article.

“Only threads of great quality can guarantee a good manufactured garment, that is why Grupo Denim works with vendors compromised with the quality of their products, to make sure we only deliver garments that will strictly meet our customer’s specifications”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of this company.

Here are the different threads that you can find:

  • Cotton– This is the most popular thread, as it is easier to find and buy and it is manufactured in different weights, if you are getting this thread, we recommend you the mercerized one, as it is softer and the color is more consistent.
  • Polyester – Covered with cotton, the polyester thread is also known as multipurpose, it has a center made of thread which makes it stronger and elastic and it is perfect to sew natural fibers and weaves.
  • Silk – The 100% silk thread is made in a variety of colors and weights, it has a characteristic brightness that can enhance any look, it is strong and elastic and it is perfect to sew silk and wool.
  • Nylon – This is a very resistant and invisible thread, it is mainly made in two colors: transparent and smoke, and it is great for light fabrics.
  • Metallic – Metallic threads are bright colors, if you have decided to use them, keep in mind you have to take the necessary cautions with your sewing machines as these threads tend to accumulate static electricity.

“Although there are many different types of threads, it is important to only wear those of the highest quality, as this will ensure resistant seams”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Ladder jeans

Ladder jeans

Do you want to have your own ladder jeans? 

Laddering is one of the trends in finishes for jeans nowadays, some designers are working on this effect knowing how more persons are looking for these pants every day, but you can have your own without investing money on them, why not making your own ladder jeans at home? It is easier than you believe, and we will show you why. 

“There are many different finishes added to the jeans as denim lovers are looking for new ways to wear them on the streets”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic. 

Ladder jeans, as its name indicates, have effects all over the legs by pulling the threads of the fabric to make it look like ladders, this is one of the methods used to distress the garments, they are especially applied to the fashion styles.

In order to make your own ladder jeans, we would first suggest you to practice on an old pair, in case you have troubles perfecting your technique, and here it’s what you will have to do: 

  • Cut a small strip carefully on the area where you want the effect.
  • Pull the blue threads with a needle and remove them, the ladder effect will only be created with the white threads of the fabric.
  • Keep on going until you have the laddering finish you are looking for.
  • Make another strip at the leg and repeat the process
  • You will need much patience to do your ladder jeans, but your effort will be rewarded when you get your personalized jeans looking as professional as if you have bought them.

“The great part about jeans is that you can do lots of different things to add your personal print, you only need enough imagination and the right tools to modify them according to your own style”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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Maternity Dress

Maternity Dress

History of Maternity Dress

Throughout most of history, all over the world, women’s attire has of necessity been designed to adapt to the needs of pregnancy and breast feeding, which were likely to take up a large percentage of women’s lives between puberty and menopause. Before the industrial revolution, the making of fabric and clothing was labor-intensive enough to preclude the making of garments exclusive to pregnancy.

Thus, in Western Europe since medieval times, regular dress of all classes has been easily adapted for pregnancy. Laced bodices, frequently involving center panels to cover expanding waistlines, were prevalent. Petticoats, separate or integral with bodices, were tied at both sides, equally adaptable. Women appeared not to mind the rising hemline in front that resulted from the use of a normal wardrobe during pregnancy.

Some women did contrive garments specifically for pregnancy, as a surviving set of eighteenth-century quilted garments in the collection at Colonial Williamsburg attests, in which a waistcoat expands over the belly to cover the gap in the jacket front. Possibly this sort of individualized contrivance occurred more often, at least among members of the upper class who could afford it, than surviving examples can document.

In the 1980s, styles for working pregnant women also emerged as a category of fashion, as garment makers, and would be mothers, struggled to find styles apt for women in the workplace.

The 1990s saw an end to the customary attempt to conceal pregnancy. The emphasis on fit, athletic bodies, and the culture’s comfort with revealing the human form, have led to adopting clinging maternity styles in place of centuries of draping and concealment, and even bare midriff shirts are worn by pregnant women.

Feminism and a body conscious culture have taken maternity fashion in new directions commented the president of Grupo Denim Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Men should not wear these during summer time

summer time

Men should not wear these during summer time, dress code review

Summer is here and men might have serious problems if they do not use the correct dress code when trying to avoid the hot weather. In order to succeed over the summer, here are some tricks and things that men should not wear or use during this season.

Hawaiian shirts

Hawaiian shirts are a trending and for some men they represent the opportunity to give a color to their outfits after a cold winter. These might be ok to go out with your friends but not to go to work.


This is a controversial issue, according to the norms, it is prohibited to use sandals unless you’re at the beach but now they also represent a casual look, bottom thing is that if you’re wearing sandals the you’ll need to choose them correctly and please…do not wear socks.

Short pants

We all know it is hard to go to work wearing long pants but the rules are very clear: do not go to work wearing short pants. An option could be to wear pants in light fabrics and soft colors.

Shoes without socks

To use shoes without socks is definitely a summer thing but this practice will make your feet sweat and this is very uncomfortable thing. There are some socks that are not visible so these are a good option.

Running tennis

Be very careful with the sporty outfit. Summer represents informal but this does not mean that you can get into your office like Usain Bolt or to wear a suit with running shoes. You can choose sport shoes in dark colors and you will look elegant.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, as a businessman, cares so much about every detail regarding his daily outfits. “ I know that we would like to get a break sometime but we also have an image and we should make an effort to avoid thing that will not look good for us”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Den

Make your jeans longer

make your jeans longer

How to make your jeans longer?

If you want a pair of jeans that are perfect except for the length, we have good news for you as you can make them longer following some easy steps.

“Jeans can stretch out, but it is important that you treat them carefully so you do not harm the fabric or torn the threads, which would eventually damage your jeans”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

If you have some jeans that you wish to make longer, or if your children are growing into their pants, you will need the following:

  • Shampoo for babies
  • Towels
  • A tub
  • Warm mater
  • And your jeans

Submerge your jeans on the tub with warm water and the baby shampoo, as it will help you softening the denim to work easily with your jeans. Let them soak on the tub for half an hour; move your jeans constantly submerging them so the water is able to penetrate into the fibers.

Once you have taken the jeans out of the water, do not twist them, just gently squeeze them out.

Put a large towel under your jeans and roll them up to get the excessive water out of them, press down the towel still rolled with the jeans, so you can dry them as much as possible.

Put your jeans on a dry towel and start pulling your jeans, you will be getting the length you are looking for, but remember not to pull so hard or you can tear the fabric. Remember to tug from both sides of the legs.

Let your jeans dry and you will have longer pants.

“Jeans can be modified in many different ways in order to adjust them to everyone’s needs, it is only a matter of using the right tools and much imagination to create new jeans with the same garment”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

From “it” to “super girl”

wonder woman pajamas

From “it” to a “super girl”, Wonder Woman pajamas

Have you ever dreamed about being Wonder Woman? Well, now, you have the chance to be the heroine of your own dreams, now you can be a “super girl” with the new Wonder Woman” collection of Women’s Secret. This new collection is a revolution on the nocturnal world, designs for the summer season made for you to play your favorite start.

These articles gather various designs of the different faces of the super women, the most famous of the comics, from “Superwoman” to “Wonder woman” and also “Batgirl” of course.

This pajamas line, have surprised all the firm lovers after seen some other collections like “Mickey Mouse” or “Villains and Princess”.

Very fun and flirtatious, these pajamas are made to send your child spirit to old memories of the sweet and adventure DC comic. These designs will also make you feel comfortable because of the cotton fiber. Light colors like blue, pink or grey combined with different structures.

Are you ready to be a super girl tonight? Women’s secret is still surprising with many creative designs for this summer, bringing back to the light your mini me with different styles, short or long.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, said that this is very cool look for pajamas. “We all want to be a super hero and women are not the exception, we all have grown with comics, even now as grown-ups we cannot miss the movie’s premier like X-Men, Avengers, etc. I recall making a denim collection with Disney characters as patches, they looked very fun, and it was so successfully that we made a collection for kids also. I think fashion is whatever make you feel cool or elegant all the time, it is to keep on reinventing yourself all the time”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Fabric Correctly Can Create Fabulous Designs


Using Fabric Correctly Can Create Fabulous Designs

Here are some fabric facts to consider.

Although it may seem intuitive, there is a certain amount of planning that goes into matching the right material with a pattern.

Not only must the right material be chosen for construction of the garment, but there are other details that must be taken into account in order to produce a beautiful garment that you would be proud to wear.

Once the material has been identified, then knowing how to correctly cut and sew the material takes into account:

  • What sewing machine to use
  • What settings on the sewing machine work best
  • Which is the best sewing machine foot to use
  • What type of thread to use
  • How to lay the material out on the pattern for cutting (yes, this does make a difference)
  • What size hand sewing needles to use for any hand stitching that must be done
  • What type of markers to use
  • What type of supplies and equipment will be needed, such as pins, shears, scissors, stabilizers or an iron
  • What type of seam works best
  • What type of hem is best for the garment
  • How should the seam be finished, should it be by using a zig zag stitch or by using a serger
  • Whether bias tape or bindings are needed
  • If the garment needs interfacing what weight of interfacing will work best
  • If the garment requires a lining, what type and weight of lining material will work best
  • What type of closure will work best-zipper, buttons or snaps

All of these factors must be considered to produce the best finished garment.

“Taking the need to plan how to best use your material seriously, can result in a genuine feeling of both pleasure and accomplishment and a garment that you will be proud to show off and to wear for a long, long time” commented the president of Grupo Denim, Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Turn flare pants into skinny jeans

Turn your flare pants into skinny jeans

Making skinny jeans with a pair of flare pants

Fashion is changing constantly, and sometimes, the garments we have at our wardrobe are out of fashion, but that does not mean we have to throw them away, as an example, we will show you how to turn a pair or flare or boot cut jeans into skinny pants following some easy steps.

“One great thing about jeans is that you can alter them at home, and with just a few modifications they will look totally different, so you can give new life to a pair of jeans and use them for a longer time”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here it is what you need to do:

  • Wear your jeans inside out, this will be the easiest way to see how much fabric you will have to take in from your jeans, once you have put on your jeans, zipper them.
  • Stand in front of a full-length mirror and see how you want your jeans to look, depending on how lose your jeans are and how tight you want them to be, is how much fabric you will take in at the ankles and calves.
  • Pin carefully the edges of the jeans, in order to secure the fabric at the outer seam. If your jeans are too baggy at the crotch, the best option is to pin the inside edges.
  • When you pin the fabric, make sure that you they look as tight as you wish, but not too tight that you cannot move freely, once they look the way you wish, take them off carefully so the pins do not fall.
  • Sew a straight line with the edges that you pinned, remove the pins carefully while you make the stitches.
  • Make a second stitching line on the outside part of your jeans, at least ¼” away from the first one you did.
  • Repeat the process at the other leg and finally make a zigzag stitching to make sure that the jeans will be strongly sewn.
  • Cut off the excessive fabric of the jeans.

Once you have finished, you will have your new skinny jeans, remember that these type of jeans are should be shorter, so you might want to adjust the hem too, but cutting the excessive length, sewing the hem and ironing to adjust it to the length that you wish.

“Jeans are essential on all wardrobes for their versatility, the way they can last for too long and the easiness to turn them into different garments or accessories after years”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Pajama dressing in trend

 pajama dressingPajama dressing, the new Monday outfit

Monday is a transitional day between all what happened during the weekend and a new week, it is also a day that we would like to do nothing! We don’t want to get out from bed; we don’t want to take a shower, etc. Because we are always tired on Monday but we still need to get energy to go to work or maybe collage, the new trend is the pajama dressing; you will just love it, especially on those Monday mornings!

This new trend is to add to your looks the tops of a male pajama, everybody is obsessed with this since the star Selena Gomez got out the street wearing one of this, then surprisingly, designers have taken the trend to a literal level for the spring season.

Yes, from bed to runway to the red carpet, more women each day are dressing in pajamas during the daylight. Celebrities said that there’s a feeling of freedom.

Like everything in fashion, we need to follow some tips in order to follow this trend correctly:

  1. – Choose the correct fabric. – Forget about flannel fabrics; remember we need to take it to the sophisticated level.
  2. – Mix up the pieces. – A silky pajama combined with your favorite denim jeans will perfect for a more casual look.
  3. – Keep one element refined. – It could be high heels, a bold necklace, please forget about bed head or you will ruin your outfit.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a successful businessman from Mexico, expressed that this new trend is kind of “crazy”. “I know I’m not a fashion expert but it is still weird to me to see women walking down the streets dressing in pajamas! I don’t think we are ready for that in Mexico, but, I do like the combination with denim jeans, maybe we could start with that look”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president from Grupo Denim.


Price your product

Price your product

Ways to price your product

Ask people to pay too much for your product or service and they will stop buying; ask too little and your profit margin slides or customers assume your product is poor quality. An optimum price factors in all your costs and maximises your margins while remaining attractive to customers.

 Here’s how to set it.

Know the market. You need to find out how much customers will pay, as well as how much competitors charge. You can then decide whether to match or beat them. 

Choose the best pricing technique. Cost-plus pricing involves adding a “mark-up” percentage to costs, which will vary between products, businesses and sectors. Value-based pricing is determined by how much value your customers attach to your product. Decide which approach is most suitable for your products before making a calculation.

Work out your costs. Include all direct costs, including money spent developing a product or service. Then calculate your variable costs (for materials, packaging and so on); the more you make or sell, the higher these will be. 

Consider cost-plus pricing. You will need to add margin (mark up) to your breakeven. This is usually expressed as a percentage of breakeven. Industry norms, experience or market knowledge will help you decide mark-up. If the price looks too high, trim your costs and reduce the price accordingly.Set a value-based price. You’ll need to know your market well to set a value-based price.

Think about other influences on price. How will charging VAT have an impact on price? Can you keep margins modest on some products in order to achieve higher margin sales on others? You might need to calculate different prices price for different territories, markets or sales you make online. Selling at odd values rather than whole pounds is common.

“No matter what type of product you sell, the price you charge your customers or clients will have a direct effect on the success of your business” added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.