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Jeans that all women must have

Jeans that every woman should have

Jeans that every woman must have at her wardrobe

With so many different types of jeans available in the market, it seems pretty hard to decide for an specific one; however, we are here to make this task easier and that is why we will talk specifically about those types of jeans that every women must have at her wardrobe, as they are essential to create different outfits.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer company advised: “The great thing about jeans is that there are many different fits, sizes and washes available to make it easier for everyone to find the perfect pair, no matter what their style is”.

Here it is a list of basic jeans that should be at your wardrobe, if they are not already there:

  1. Cropped denim jeans – If you have a perfect pair of shoes that you need to show to the world, then the cropped jeans are the perfect ones to make it possible, this is a classic and wonderful fit that every woman must try out.
  2. Frayed jeans – What makes these jeans so amazing is the fray at the hems with loose threads that makes them unique and one of the greatest trends nowadays, whatever fit you like the most, you must have it frayed.
  3. Boyfriend jeans – They are comfortable, they look great and the fit is timeless, which makes them basic for a wardrobe.
  4. Destroyed jeans – No matter what your favorite fit is, make sure you have at least a pair of destroyed jeans, not only they look great, but they are such a hit on the fashion styles.

“It is easy to find the perfect pair of jeans, as there is one available for every fit, length and style, fashion changes constantly but one garment that is never out of fashion is precisely a pair of jeans”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Decoration of jeans

Decoration of jeans

Decoration of jeans, one great alternative to add new life to your pants

Whether we talk about embroidery, patches or other applications, jeans with decorations are being a hit everywhere, making this garment more versatile and showy. If you want to know more about this topic, keep on reading.

“There are plenty of different things that can be done in a pair of jeans to make them even more interesting, such as applying different wash techniques and finishes, rhinestones or decoration to make them more personal for everyone’s taste”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

There are plenty of things that can be done with jeans, designers know that and they, most of the time, have fun trying to reinvent this versatile garment with different decorations, but one great thing about denim is that everyone can modify it at home, too, as there are plenty of different accessories that you can easily buy and use your imagination to make your jeans unique.

If you have an old pair of jeans, you can turn them into a different pair, vintage and new, by adding patches into the holes you want to cover, some designers actually intentionally do the holes into the jeans to cover them later with patches.

Ripped jeans are also a hit among denim lovers; this is such a great trend that this technique is being applied in most of the fits, as it gives your jeans and yourself a daring and very chic look.

“Additional to the decorations, there are wash techniques done into the jeans, such as the two-shades, but there is still many people who loves a pair of classic blue denim jeans, whether you like on your jeans, there is something available at the market waiting to be found”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Personality definition


Personality definition, what your clothes say about you

Colors, combinations, fibers, and how we care about our clothes are what define our look, which is our personality definition.

Wrinkle clothes: The most common oversight, it could be because lack of time or laziness. The wrinkles on our clothes commonly mean a disorderly and disorganized person.

Stains: Stains means dirty and goes directly to a person definition, a stained shirt, pant or jacket give a bad impression, it mostly defines a careless and dirty person. In order to avoid this bad image, always treat the stains before putting the clothes in the washing machine so these can be removed easily.

Faded clothes: Lack of attention and running all the time has given us a hard time when setting the washing machine with the incorrect temperature and mixing colors. To dress in faded clothes could define a person that is not interested on having a good look and that this person could have bad habits at other life aspects.

Incorrect size: Just like the previous case, the lack of attention on the washing settings have made us set the incorrect drying settings and our clothes have shrank but we still try to wear them; however, wearing a size that does not fit you, gives the impression that we are not interested on the details.

Broken pieces: A hanging button or an unsewn garment could be details that define a person with lack of responsibility to review things or details. Most of these are because we just don’t follow the care label instructions.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, as a successful businessman, expressed that your image will always talk about your personality. “The first impression is always the important one, we cannot look messy, and this will give a terrible impression. When I interview someone before offering a job I always take a look at that person’s image, if she or he looks clean specially”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a manufacturing company from Mexico.


Changing your fashion habits

Changing your fashion habits

Changing your fashion habits to a more stylish life

We live in a world surrounded by trends that change so often that it seems almost impossible to keep up with them; however, some people loves to live an stylish life, and for that, changing your fashion habits with some simple modifications to your daily activities, might change your life, as we will show you today.

“To look well-dressed, it is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money in clothes, it is actually more important to wear the clothes that go better with you, that will make you feel more confident and will give you a good posture, this will make a bigger impact than wearing the most expensive clothes”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

If you want to live a more stylish life, it is necessary to make a few but significant changes on your daily habits that will help you making your outfits easier each day. Here are some aspects that you must modify on your routine every day:

  • Take your time to make your outfits – We all live in a hurry; however, it is important to spend a few extra minutes in front of the closet to decide what is the best outfit, so make some space to find the perfect clothes depending on the occasion.
  • Clothes on their place – Having an organized closet will make the task to put your outfit together quicker, so make the habit to saver your clothes on their place, you will see a significant difference.
  • Practice your posture – Nothing will go better with you than a great posture, you can wear the most expensive clothes or accessories, but without feeling confident, you will not reflect it or look stylish, so always look at the mirror and check out your posture, always walk and sit straight and smile, that will make a big difference on your appearance.

“Once we know what goes better with us, it is easier to find the right outfits to wear, and once you wear the clothes that will make you feel confident, people around you will feel it, that will make you look and feel really good”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Back to school shopping guide


Back to school shopping guide, get ready

If you’re getting yourself ready for the back to school, one of your priorities for sure is to get ready your new closet for an impact. The only thing is that with all the new trends and fashion proposals, it is very difficult for us to know where to start or what to buy. Here are some back to school ideas to make it easier for you. The ideal scenario is to make a mix of basics and trending clothes, this way you will have a lot of ways to make combinations and that you could also use them to go to school or to go out with your friends.

  1. – Jeans. 100% basic, a good pair of jeans will help you to wear thousands of different outfits depending on the combinations you make. You will need to dark colors, one in light color and a washed one with original embroidery details. You pick the cut but just remember the best one will be the one that fits your body.
  2. – T-shirts. The best complement of your jeans is a t-shirt that defines your style. It could have a striking pattern or a phrase that shows your thinking. Buy a lot of different styles, casual, urban and different colors so you will always look different.
  3. 3.-Joggers. This is a must back to school from the last seasons because it is very comfortable but with an urban touch and in trend with your looks. Pick the ones with fashion details as zippers or patches and colors like grey or black so you can combine it with everything.
  4. – Tennis shoes. For your jeans and joggers, urban tennis shoes or casual are the best. Why? They will let you do all your daily activities in the best comfortable way but looking fashion all the time. The ones with glitter applications or booties are very cool.
  5. – Blouses. If you would like to look more chic, you will need blouses in order to have that formal look. A must is a white and a black blouse and another one in a different color that you like. Oversize blouses will never let you down.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal is a very successful businessman now, but he recalls those back to school times. “Jackets and hoodies were the thing, I had denim and bomber jackets of course, converse tennis shoes and denim jeans. I think denim jeans is the first thing students buy for the back to school, this is just a great business”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal president of Grupo Denim.


Lean Equipment Maintenance Program

Lean Equipment Maintenance Program


How to Sustain Your Lean Equipment Maintenance Program

Asset utilization, also called Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) or equipment capacity, is not just the responsibility of one department. It is the responsibility of the entire company. It has the focus of ensuring that nowhere in the world does another company have the same assets or produces greater capacity from those assets. It means being the best at getting the most out of the assets by measuring and managing availability, performance efficiency, and quality rate.

Certainly, maintenance priorities in a heavy machining plant will be different from an assembly plant or a chemical processing plant. Regardless, these practices can be applied across most production facilities:

  • Borrow from successful lean production techniques and process map your maintenance workflow. Beginning the mapping effort at the very beginning of your maintenance process and the flow of the process from one step to the next. 
  • When your facility is organized, you can more easily see areas for improvement. Depending on your facility, industry and specific needs, the use of 5s techniques can be important tools to help you identify problems in the maintenance process.
  • Schedule more frequent checks for older equipment. As equipment ages, parts and components will start to wear out sooner, and the maintenance window narrows.
  • Engineer machine improvements for maintainability and operability. Windows cut into guarding to give easier viewing of gauges will make the daily checks easier to perform and more likely to be completed.
  • Address operator alerts immediately. Beyond the operator and the proper performance of the checks, the maintenance organization must be ready to respond immediately to an abnormality that’s been raised as part of the operator checks.
  • Continually review spare part requirements. Remove any spare parts from stock as equipment and machines are retired.
  • Document and continually re-visit your operation’s maintenance history, including how critical items have addressed. 

Whether you use a computer based maintenance system, or you rely on a card file, or you have a white board in the maintenance area, the strategies, opportunities and approaches remain the same. Once implemented, the entire workforce  from senior management all the way down to the last mechanic hired, must adhere to the basic tenet: minimize unplanned downtime through proper preventive maintenance.

No rules for jeans this summer

No rules for jeans

No rules for jeans this summer

There are plenty of rules as to how to wear jeans on summer, what style goes best, which colors should be avoided, so why not forgetting about all those rules and enjoying the summer with the jeans that you already have in your wardrobe, making fresh and funny outfits?

“Jeans can be worn all year long, there are plenty of different fits available that match with many different styles, for me, the only important thing is that you feel comfortable with your jeans and they fit well”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

So let’s forget about the “basic rules” of what to wear and what to save on the closet and enjoy this summer, here are some suggestions that might seem appealing to try:

  • Dark colors – Yes, you might for sure have heard that dark jeans are exclusively for fall or winter, but no more, we know how great the light wash jeans look, especially on hot days, but there are some important events where you need to wear a more serious outfit, and dark jeans are precisely what you need, so do not be afraid of wearing them this summer.
  • Skinny jeans – If one thing is for sure on the fashion is that you can never go wrong with a good pair of skinny jeans, they match with all of your tops, so wear them this summer and combine them with your favorite shoes and matching purses.
  • Straight jeans – One of the styles that you must try this summer, if you have not yet, is the straight jeans in a light wash, they are perfect to feel and look fresh.
  • Ripped jeans – If you want to keep it cool, get a pair of ripped jeans, the best part is that you can do them at home if you don’t have a pair yet, that way you do not have to spend extra money.

These are only a few suggestions about the jeans you can try this summer, but the options seem to be endless.

“When it is about jeans, the possibilities are huge, with so many different styles available, everyone can find the pair that will help them styling their outfits this summer and all year long”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

10 Tips to Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

We could all admit to ourselves that there is room for some improvement in the way we lead others. After all, it’s not the sort of skill that is easy to get 100% right all of the time. It might just be that we don’t specifically know what improvements to make, so here’s 10 ways to start:

  1. Get a reality check

Finding out what others think of our leadership style can be real eye opener, and is often the most powerful driver for change. Using a 360 survey where you receive feedback from your staff, peers and manager, gives you some concrete information on a sometimes intangible subject. 

  1. Don’t use the power of your position to get things done

If people are questioning why certain things are done, or the logic of decisions, never pull rank in response. A critical component of effective leadership is getting the buy-in from your team and colleagues.

  1. Don’t think of employees as things that need to be controlled or managed

Instead, give them the latitude to take actions and make decisions. Trust is a vital component of leadership. If you can’t trust people to do their jobs well, then you either have the wrong people in the jobs, or you have the right people but you haven’t trained them sufficiently. Let them do what they are there to do, without leaning over their shoulders all the time, or demanding to know how they spend each minute of their time.

  1. Listen, listen listen

If there are unhappy or disgruntled people in your business, you can guarantee that at some stage they’ve tried to tell you what the problem is. It’s likely you weren’t listening (or didn’t want to listen), or perhaps your initial reaction made the person think twice about bringing the problem to you.

  1. Stop providing solutions

Managers often achieve their positions after being technical specialists, and so will have an opinion or view on how to “fix” situations or problems. They believe that it’s faster to tell someone what to do, or do it themselves, than give their employees an opportunity to figure it out.

  1. Always be constructive always

Language and communication skills set great leaders apart from mediocre ones. Don’t patronise or be critical of others take complete responsibility for how you are heard. 

  1. Judge your success by the success of your team

The true success of a leader can be measured by the success of the people that work for them. As a manager of others, your prime responsibility is to ensure the success and development of your team. If they are successful, you will automatically be successful.

  1. Don’t do things just because they will “look good”

Nothing is more transparent than managers who make decisions and behave in ways simply to look good to their superiors. If you want to improve as a leader, one of the qualities you need is integrity.

  1. Include humour in your diet

Nobody likes to work in an environment that is devoid of any fun. People are more productive when they are enjoying themselves. 

  1. Let people get to know the real you

Being open about yourself helps to break down the barriers that hierarchy puts in place. When your employees know the person behind the faзade, that’s when you start to build the foundations of good leadership  trust and respect.

“Leadership skills are considered to be important traits which can help you get to the top of your career field” commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.