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Lean Equipment Maintenance Program

  How to Sustain Your Lean Equipment Maintenance Program Asset utilization, also called Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) or equipment capacity, is not just the responsibility of one department. It is the responsibility of the entire company. It has the focus of ensuring that nowhere in the world does another company have the same assets or… Read More »

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Smaller manufacturers have the edge in building volumes of one in other words, customized orders. For many smaller manufacturers, the look is less assembly line and more set of work stations. This means that the operator in a smaller plant typically makes more decisions. It’s a more people-oriented process. Orchestration of Work Processes… Read More »

What is the Index?

What is the Index in Mexico? Index is a private body dedicated to represent the interests and needs of maquiladoras and manufacturer exporting companies in Mexico. “Organisms like Index are a very important tool for manufacturing enterprises in Mexico, as we are always trying to get consultancies in order to export products abroad in an… Read More »

Improved manufacturing quality

Five Steps to Improved Manufacturing Quality Good managers seek to contain costs in the manufacturing environment. There is no better cost to eliminate than the cost of poor quality. Scrap material and lost labor hours add no value to the operation. Use a Team Mindset Quality won’t be sustainably improved by individuals. To really make… Read More »

Sustainable textiles

Sustainable textiles and their importance for the environmental care Textile industry started on XXI century and it has suffered some major changes since then, biology, microelectronics and nanotechnology has made it possible for manufacturers to incorporate new process with natural fibers in order to get sustainable textiles that are very important to take care of… Read More »

Clothing using infrared technology

Clothing using infrared technology, introduced by Invista Invista is introducing “Thermolite Infrared” technology, a solar activated technology that allows the garments to heat when they are exposed to the sun. According to Invista, the Thermolite Infrared technology is made from a new products pallet developed by the Thermolite Pro brand. The techonology is activated by… Read More »

Mexico, the best manufacturer option

Mexico, the best manufacturer option for the United States Grupo Denim, as well as other manufacturer companies in Mexico keep on being the best option to manufacture and export garments to the United States for different reasons that we will explain further on this note. Different enterprises in USA were inquired about who they thought… Read More »