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Threads and their characteristics

Type of threads and their characteristics If you want to start a sewing project, there are many different types of threads that you can use, to know the different ones, continue reading this article. “Only threads of great quality can guarantee a good manufactured garment, that is why Grupo Denim works with vendors compromised with… Read More »

Maternity Dress

History of Maternity Dress Throughout most of history, all over the world, women’s attire has of necessity been designed to adapt to the needs of pregnancy and breast feeding, which were likely to take up a large percentage of women’s lives between puberty and menopause. Before the industrial revolution, the making of fabric and clothing… Read More »

Fabric Correctly Can Create Fabulous Designs

Using Fabric Correctly Can Create Fabulous Designs Here are some fabric facts to consider. Although it may seem intuitive, there is a certain amount of planning that goes into matching the right material with a pattern. Not only must the right material be chosen for construction of the garment, but there are other details that… Read More »

Cotton fabrics

  Commercial names of cotton fabrics Some commercial names of fabric are given below: Batiste A soft, fine plain woven fabric traditionally of flax but made in other fibres 100g/m2. Bedford Cord A cord cotton-like fabric with raised ridges in the lengthwise direction. Since the fabric has a high strength and a high durability, it… Read More »

Mexico’s government and the textile sector

How is Mexico’s government driving the textile sector? Mexico’s economy has a positive influence thanks to the textile sector, which activity generates profits and thousands of job sources for Mexican people each year, the government is aware of this and it is why they are searching new ways to promote innovation, financing and a better… Read More »

Fashion marketing

Importance of fashion marketing Marketing for any type of business can be really hard, and it is not different on the fashion world, as the commercialization includes fashion houses, brands and labels working to transmit a determined image to all publicas. “Marketing it is important for any business to grow up, as it is thanks… Read More »