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Synthetic Fiber

Information on Synthetic Fiber The more important Synthetic fiber are over 40, such as nylon 6 (also known as the Nylon 6) is one of them. It is containing six carbon atoms compounds caprolactam monomer polymerization to form, therefore, also known as polyamide 6, foreign goods zaleplon.  First monomer (caprolactam) and the initiator, stability, etc. according… Read More »

Fashion Designer

Personal Characteristics to Be a Successful Fashion Designer Your obsession with fashion may have you dreaming of a career designing clothes, but it takes more than a passion for red-carpet specials, fashion magazines and fashion design TV shows to make that dream real. You need broad talents such as artistic and creative skills, communications smarts… Read More »

Clothing using infrared technology

Clothing using infrared technology, introduced by Invista Invista is introducing “Thermolite Infrared” technology, a solar activated technology that allows the garments to heat when they are exposed to the sun. According to Invista, the Thermolite Infrared technology is made from a new products pallet developed by the Thermolite Pro brand. The techonology is activated by… Read More »

Mexico, the best manufacturer option

Mexico, the best manufacturer option for the United States Grupo Denim, as well as other manufacturer companies in Mexico keep on being the best option to manufacture and export garments to the United States for different reasons that we will explain further on this note. Different enterprises in USA were inquired about who they thought… Read More »